Bio: Creative, clever, genius, certifiabley insane! Nick is excentric to put it nicely. He loves technology, science, and games. He also seems to lose touch with reality, but thats just because few can understand his genius. Atleast thats what he tells everyone.
System of Choice: The Gamecube, he believes the quality of the Cubes games more then makes up for any draw backs


Bio: Nick's little brother and the closest we have to a normal human being. Sadly this also means a lack of knowledge in the field of gaming and technology. Although not as fanatic as his bro he is a gamer at heart. In his element he is just wanna of the guys. He is also into evil things like going outside.
System of Choice: PS2 is his bread and butter. He defends his system well but that doesn't stop him from playing Mario all day.


Bio: Although not as dedicated as Nick and Justin he is a gamer non the less. He respects the raw power of the engine rather then the game itself. Unlike the more passive Justin, Matt often gets dragged into whatever is going on.
System of Choice: X-Box, root of all evil is his choice. Why? our guess is Halo.